During weekdays, the dress code is jackets and ties, with the exception of the rooms in blue (see diagram below) on the first floor where they are not required.  

During weekdays, apart from in the informal side of the Club, gentlemen are expected to wear a jacket and tie at all times with ladies being appropriately dressed, however jeans should not be worn. Ties are not required to be worn in the Long Room, or on the Balcony.

In the informal side of the Club (at the west end of the Club on the first floor, that is the Oriental Room, and Bayle's Bar heading towards the gardens from Reception) smart casual dress may be worn.  Smart Casual dress is defined as no jacket or tie (nor ripped jeans!)

Smart Casual dress is also allowed throughout the Club on Saturdays and Sundays. But, apart from breakfast, a jacket and tie is always a pre-requisite in the Main Dining Room. 

Sporting clothes or trainers are not allowed at any time or anything else likely to cause offence to other Members in any of the public rooms.

The above regulations do not apply to Members going to and from their bedrooms, without using any of the Public Rooms.

Mobile Phones and Computers 
All mobile phones should be silenced in the Club.  Telephone conversations are only allowed in: the telephone cubicles; Map Room; Business Room; Library; Card Room; Billiards Room; and if no one else minds (please ask them).

iPads and similar IT can be used (including typing, as Members may wish to do the crossword) in any room, except the Dining and Castle Rooms.

Laptop Computers should only be used in the Map Room, Business Room or the Library, Card Room or Billiards Room – if no one else minds.

Members are asked to use their discretion at all times when using any such media.

WiFi is accessible throughout the Club.

First and Second Floor

Third Floor